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Aloe vera oil 30ml - Herbo Ridouane
Aloe vera oil is extracted from aloe vera, a saar plant originating in arid regions of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, and has a long history as a natural treatment for burns. Currently used as one of the most important cosmetics for skin and hair, it is used in the manufacture of many cosmetics, makeup, shampoos and conditioners, and despite this widespread use, there is a difference about its effectiveness among experts.
Argan oil 30ml - Herbo Ridouane
Originaire du Maroc, cette huile riche en vitamine E et en insaponifiables, est connus  pour ses propriétés nourrissantes, régénérantes et restructurantes. Sa teneur en antioxydants en s’avers idéal pour lutter contre les signes du vieillissement cutané, et ses acides gras redonnent souplesse et douceur aux peaux sèches et dénutries.